The Spreadsheet for Creating Group Accounts


After you complete a group purchase, download the Excel file at the bottom of this page.

On that KD_Spreadsheet.xls file, enter the four columns of information for every client or group member: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address, Company Name. In case you purchased an online product for another person, complete the spreadsheet for just that one person.

Please do not change our KD_Spreadsheet in any way—other than to accurately enter the requested information for every group member or client, one row after another, on a single sheet. Thus, do not change or add more headings or columns, or add comments or notes in any of the cells, or add borders or color to the spreadsheet, and definitely do not create any additional "Sheets" on that same Excel file. It will also help if you don't leave empty rows between any of your group members.

Either leave the name of the file as is, KD_Spreadsheet.xls, or, if you wish to rename it, please use our file-naming convention: KD_Spreadsheet.CompanyName.1.22.2017.xls (whatever Company Name is entered in Column D on your spreadsheet and the date when you send us your completed spreadsheet).

Before you send us your completed spreadsheet, please double-check the accuracy of every e-mail address: Incorrect e-mail addresses will set in motion a whole lot of wasted time and effort, as group members diligently attempt to find in their inbox or junk folder what is, in fact, forever lost in cyberspace.

E-mail your carefully completed KD_Spreadsheet.xls to

After we receive your completed spreadsheet, unless you tell us otherwise, in about 24 hours we’ll import your spreadsheet into our website and, thereby, automatically send an account email to your client(s) or group member(s), which includes a computer-generated username and password. With this information, your clients can log in to their private account on our website and find the purchased item(s) in their username panel (on the top left of our website): "My TKI" or "My Online Courses."

This 24-hour period is intended to allow enough time for you to urge your participants to add "" to their email contacts or address book, so our account email will arrive in their inbox—and not in a spam or junk folder (or be blocked from their mail server altogether). In case your participants do not know how to "whitelist" our info@ email address, please assist them.

However, if your group members have already added "" to their contact list or address book, or if you’d like us to send account e-mail out as soon as possible, please let us know. We will then import your spreadsheet (well before the usual 24-hour waiting period), so your group members will receive their account e-mails as soon as possible.


Because we now live in an age of frequent computer hacking and cyber wars, companies have been adding extra security filters to their firewalls, which can make it even more difficult for our automated account e-mails to reach participants in organizations—especially for military organizations, government agencies, universities that have government contracts, and financial institutions. If you had initially planned, perhaps out of habit or convenience, to enter each participant’s company e-mail address on the spreadsheet, it might be wise to re-assess if the company’s firewall could prevent your participants from receiving our account e-mails. If you arrive at this conclusion, you have two options:

  1. Ask the IT department to whitelist for the company and then have your IT expert confirm that our automated e-mails can be expected to make it through the company’s sensitive firewall.
  2. If it’s not clear that a company-wide whitelisting will be effective, ask each participant to provide you with his/her personal e-mail address (,,, etc.) and enter those personal e-mail addresses on your KD_Spreadsheet. But still urge each participant to add to his/her contact list or address book (so as to validate our e-mail address).


For most group purchases, the number of persons listed on the spreadsheet will equal the quantity that you just purchased. However, if you purchased a larger quantity of an online product than the people listed on your spreadsheet, we'll credit your group account with those extra TKIs or online courses. These "unassigned" slots in your account can be assigned to participants anytime within one year of the purchase date. But you'll need to submit another (entirely new) KD_Spreadsheet when you know the participants who'll be making use of those open slots in your account, which then initiates the expiration period for that online product: 90 days for the TKI or a online course, 6 months for The TKI Package, and 1 year for The Complete Program. 

If you need to send us another spreadsheet with additional group members or clients (or to correct previous email addresses that were in error), please don't repeat the same information you have already sent us: Only send us new information for those select participants on brand-new KD_Spreadsheet. Thus, do not enter additional participants—let alone create an additional sheet—on a previously used spreadsheet. If you follow these instructions, we'll be able to import your spreadsheet(s) into our website and establish those username accounts—without any mishaps or delays.


In accordance with our Copyright, Use, and Hold-Harmless Agreement, which you endorsed when you first created an account on our website (and which you must endorse every time you make a purchase), the one or more names on your completed KD_Spreadsheet are the only persons who are authorized to use our online products from their private username account.

If you have any questions about these instructions and procedures, please Contact Us.



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